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    Lessen the Financial Burden of Sending Workers Out of State with a Chartered Bus Service

    Last updated 6 years ago

    A chartered bus service is an excellent idea for organized corporate travel. One of the most stressful parts of traveling for work is the organization of travel plans, from arranging company vehicles to reimbursing employees for gas. With a chartered bus, there’s so little to organize that the plans practically make themselves! The best part of using a chartered bus service is the reduced price of sending so many workers to the same destination.

    ·         Chartered buses can save you money in a number of different ways. The amount of money it would take to fly 20 workers to a destination, arrange transport to a hotel, and provide meals is exceedingly higher than the cost to rent a single chartered bus to accommodate twice as many workers.

    ·         If it’s a convention you’re sending your employees to, some chartered bus services can even be utilized to organize transportation to and from the event. In some cases, a bus service can contract out other forms of transportations to ferry workers from their hotel to a separate convention center or conference location.

    ·         Another benefit of using a chartered bus service is that all planning and organization can be done through one employee. A travel coordinator can save tons of time and energy by only needing to call one service instead of arranging air travel, scheduling transportation to and from the hotel, or reimbursing employees at a later date.

    ·         Chartered buses are punctual and reliable. Traveling by bus eliminates the complications that frustrate workers during corporate travel, from overnight layovers to poorly maintained rental cars. Chartered buses are also clean, comfortable, and far more spacious than an airplane.

    If you’d like to contract a charter bus service for your next corporate event, contact E-Z Bus, Inc today. Give us a call at (407) 857-1007 or visit our website to learn more.

    Pre-Wedding Planning: How to Plan a Bachelor Party

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Planning the bachelor party is an important aspect of pre-wedding preparation. This job normally falls to the best man, who knows the groom the best. A trip to a sporting event or a favorite out-of-town location is great way for friends to hang out before the big day. 

    Chartering a bus that allows alcohol is a safer, smarter way to get to and from your selected destination. By using a charter bus company, you eliminate the need for a designated driver, so everyone can have a rousing time. For more tips for planning the perfect bachelor party, check out this clip. 

    If you’re planning a bachelor party and think a chartered bus might be just the thing you need, call (407) 857-1007 to make a reservation through E-Z Bus, Inc. Visit our website for more information about our fleet of well-equipped vehicles.

    Tips for Keeping the Kids Entertained on a Chartered Bus

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Utilizing a chartered bus service is a great idea for any field trip or large group outing. E-Z Bus, Inc can transport your group to anywhere in the continental United States. We can offer you buses and vans, depending on the size of your party, that are all incredibly comfortable and well equipped with amenities. But the question remains: how can you keep the kids entertained on a long road trip? 

    • Bring Snacks: A hungry kid is a crabby kid. Keeping kids, and adults, well treated with snacks and drinks can be a major key to a long, enjoyable road trip. Snacks that are easily stored, whether dry or in a cooler, and drinks of all types are a welcome addition to any jaunt along America’s highways. By supplying these snacks and beverages yourself, you’ll have complete control over special diet requests and restrictions and won’t have to settle for vending machine fare. 
    • Play Games: Games can be played individually or in groups. You can take advantage of the bus’ video system to play games like bingo or trivia-style contests. Kids and adults alike can break into groups and play cards or travel board games. 
    • Tell Stories: You can use the extended amount of time spent driving toward your destination to learn more about where you are going, the destination’s significance, and the reason for your road trip. E-Z Bus, Inc’s buses come equipped with PA systems that make it easy to be heard throughout the bus. You can be your own tour guide! 
    • Watch Movies: Kid-friendly movies can be played for quiet stretches to give parents and chaperones time to relax. Most of E-Z Bus, Inc’s buses also come with screens for watching DVDs that can be enjoyed by the entire bus. 

    Involving the kids is also a good way to pass the time. Let them vote on sightseeing destinations or restaurant choices. Call (407) 857-1007 to schedule one of E-Z Bus, Inc’s charter buses for your next excursion!


    Here Are Some Additional Links From Around The Web That Relate To Our Recent Blog Topics

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Group travel can be stressful without the proper tools and planning. Use these resources to help you plan your destination wedding and sports team transportation. Call E-Z Bus, Inc. at (407) 857-1007 to learn more.

    Having an Out of Town Wedding? Leave the Driving to the Professionals!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    With so many wedding details to take care of, you should make your planning as simple as possible whenever you can. A charter bus service allows you to have an out-of-town wedding and easily get your guests to your chosen venue. When you rent a tour bus, you can do the following: 

    • Travel as a Group

    When you have a big group of people traveling to the same place, it is always more fun to go together. Group transportation gives you the opportunity to bond on the road. Instead of trying to organize a few different methods of transportation, get one charter bus. The time you save on planning the trip will come in useful for other aspects of the wedding. 

    • Arrive on Time

    You won’t stress out over arrivals when everyone arrives at the same time? When you use a charter bus rental, you do not have to suffer a mild panic attack because the maid of honor or an usher are nowhere to be found. Travel as a group so you can keep track of everyone involved with the wedding

    • Have Some Fun

    Since no one in your party has to drive when you get a charter bus, everyone can have fun. Open a few bottles of champagne, wine, or beer on the way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. As long as you clear it with the charter bus company before your trip, you can bring a cooler full of alcohol from which everyone can enjoy a few drinks. 

    When you take advantage of the professional services of E-Z Bus, Inc for your wedding transportation, you know that everyone will arrive safely at your destination. When you are traveling with a group, we make it easy to get where you are going. Visit our website or call (407) 857-1007 to reserve your wedding bus.

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