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Charter Bus Etiquette: How to Get the Most Out of Your Experience

Last updated 7 years ago

Travelling together is efficient, practical, and often fun—but it can be irritating if your fellow travellers aren’t minding their “P’s and Q’s”. Use these tips to learn proper charter bus etiquette and make your experience an enjoyable one. 

Wait Your Turn 

Everyone on the charter bus is traveling to the same place, so wait your turn when it’s time to get on and off the bus. Impatience and rushing will just annoy your fellow passengers. If someone else has been waiting longer than you have to get on the bus, then let him or her go first. Try not to hold up the line behind you by taking forever with your belongings. Get on the bus and out of the aisle as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Be Conscious of Space 

If you are one of the first people on the bus, then try to find a seat toward the back so the bus can fill from back to front. Just like on most airlines, filling up the rear of the bus first will help to speed up the process and make everything go more smoothly. It is rude to place your bag on an open seat, especially if there are people struggling to find a place to sit. 

Respect Your Neighbors 

Not every passenger on a tour bus rental wants to hear your music or smell your food. If you are going to eat on the bus, then try to find foods that don’t have strong smells or make a lot of noise to open. Be conscious of the fact that a lot of people have nut allergies. Try to keep your music low, only talk on the phone if it is an absolute must, and always clean up after yourself. Proper bus etiquette will made the ride much better for everyone. 

Follow these rules when riding in an E-Z Bus, Inc. charter bus for a fun ride. When everyone practices bus etiquette, every bus ride will be a pleasant one. To reserve one of our buses, call (407) 857-1007.


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